"Police Call 110" Magdeburg: All money spent on gasoline

In Magdeburg police Crash a young woman is run over at night. She still dies at the accident site, the driver escapes. Chief Commissioner Brasch (Claudia Michelsen) and her colleague Köhler (Matthias Matschke) suspect an illegal car race. But there were no witnesses at the scene. The father of the dead gives little away from his daughter Sara. The police investigate in car repair shops and research the Internet for illegal races. A trail leads to the supposed Raser Group Le Magdeburg. Two of the members were in love with Sara. When the autopsy reveals that the young woman was pregnant, Brasch and Köhler suspect jealousy as a motive. But another lane leads to the Czech border. Did anyone want to silence Sara?

1. What will everyone talk about on Monday? Christian Buß: That the Magdeburg police call but yes potential
Has. After a number of dreary crime-craziness sets the problem area in the East
a nice new and kick start.
Lars-Christian Daniels: About The Fast and the Furious: Magdeburg Drift.
        Matthias Dell: About the
Autoklautrick with the extension of the radio signal from the Comfort key.
        Kirstin Lopau: About the
legal basis for illegal car racing and how easy it is
in Magdeburg to get a new high-speed company car. And we look
we, just as women, very urgently from dealing with car mechanics at Doreen Brasch from.
                2. What did you learn from this "police call"? Christian Buß: "spent all my money on gasoline, got the whole
Time lived on the highway and highway. "So PS junkie Commissioner
Brasch about her time as a twenty-year-old.
Lars-Christian Daniels: "The only good thing about death is that you are no longer in front of it
must fear when you're dead. "
        Matthias Dell: That the
Society in the ARD Sunday evening thriller still mixes happily. The schnöselige
Reichsohn and the postman are friends until they get around the same
Bakery technicians compete. This is lived integration.

Kirstin Lopau: We gather
already strong for the wisdom calendar 2019: "The Dresdner are now the new Wessis." But especially
We learn what we definitely do with our attractive ex-therapist
at 3 o'clock at night.
3. Which question remains open? Christian Buß: Why Kommissardarsteller Matthias Matschke just now,
where the TV area is picking up speed, announcing its departure.
Lars-Christian Daniels: Are Dresdner
really the new wessis?
        Matthias Dell: Had after the
Berlin Illegal Car Race Raser judgment, according to which the killing of a person in this context is murder, the investigation of motives and relationships not
can be abbreviated?
        Kirstin Lopau: Find the owl
her way out of the cage? And was not there a professional ethic with therapists?

4. Which role should have been better filled? And with whom? Our critics
        Christian Buß is culture editor at Spiegel Online and writes there regularly about the crime scene. Lars-Christian Daniels discusses for his blog What was the crime scene? and the online magazine Filmstarts the crime scene and other TV and cinema. Matthias Dell is crime critic at ZEIT ONLINE and shares the work ethic of Gunter Gabriel: "The one who runs down the back of sweat." Kirstin Lopau is ZEITmagazin reader and one of the opinionated commentators in our Sunday crime scene discussions on Facebook.
    Christian Buß: The police psychologist in his annoying understanding
        Lars-Christian Daniels: That's right
arrived Matthias Matschke despite convincing performance in the police
never – and in a few months, just like its predecessor Sylvester Groth
Crime story again. His successor in Magdeburg: not yet
in sight. Continuity looks different.
        Matthias Dell: None.
        Kirstin Lopau: Ben Becker takes that one
single parent loving father including two canaries difficult to off.
                5. Which scene will you dream of? Christian Buß: By Commissioner Brasch in a rush of speed. Never trust
a speed freak!
Lars-Christian Daniels: I will dream
from Vin Diesel and Paul Walker (god bless him), then wake up and
disillusioned: But just a police call, which was just there.
        Matthias Dell: The autoclave
by extending the radio signal from the comfort key. I do not have any
        Kirstin Lopau: From
Coffin covers in dove shape.
6. From 0 (super exciting) to 10 (already asleep at half past eight): How many golden sleepyheads does this "Police Call 110" get? Christian Buß: 3 sleepyheads 😴😴😴
        Lars-Christian Daniels: 7 Sleepyheads 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
        Matthias Dell: 6 Sleepyheads 😴😴😴😴😴😴
        Kirstin Lopau: 3 sleepyheads. With a few
Lengths, but clear plus points in terms of team (and a
Extra star for the therapist and his apartment) 😴😴😴