Police follow new track in the murder case Peggy

Police follow new track in the murder case Peggy

In the murder case Peggy, which has been providing riddles for years, the police in Franken launched two new large-scale operations. A spokeswoman for the police headquarters in Oberfranken said on Thursday morning in Bayreuth on request that it had come to missions at Marktleuthen in the district of Wunsiedel and in Peggy & # 39; s birth town Lichtenberg. The operations that started on Wednesday should therefore be continued on Thursday.

Jürgen Stadter of the police Oberfranken also confirmed Wednesday morning's searches: "There was an extensive police operation, but there is currently no one in detention."

On Thursday afternoon police and prosecutors said that the police searched various properties owned by a 41-year-old defendant. The man had previously counted as a "relevant group of people" in connection with the disappearance of Peggy. Now he has returned to the focus of the researchers, because in the meantime test results about traces of the location of Peggy's bones are available and previous findings have been reassessed. The 41-year-old was heard and then released again. "The content of the statement can not be given due to the ongoing investigation," it said.

The Peggy case is considered one of the most spectacular unexplained criminal cases in Germany. On May 7, 2001, the then nine-year-old student in Lichtenberg in Upper Franconia had disappeared without leaving a trace on his way home from school. In July 2016, a mushroom frog accidentally discovered its remains in the border region between Bavaria and Thuringia, less than 20 kilometers from the town of Peggy. In 2004, long before the discovery of the remains, a mentally handicapped man from Lichtenberg was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering the girl; but in a sensational new process, he was acquitted ten years later. (AFP, dpa)