Protests: Activists occupy coal power plant

Protests: Activists occupy coal power plant

While the evacuation of the Hambach Forest continues, activists have occupied the nearby power station Niederaussem.
 The brown coal mine opponents climbed on several excavators and expressed solidarity with the forest squatters in the Hambacher Forst.
 Since Friday, the police clear the forest. The RWE Group wants to cut it down to extract lignite.



    The protests against lignite mining in Lusatia continue: On Saturday morning several activists climbed on excavators of the Niederaussem power plant, tied themselves there and hung up banners. The power plant is run by the RWE Group, the police pulled there forces together. She spoke of nine, the brown coal miners of 20 activists in Niederaussem.


    In a statement, the activists write that their action is intended to show solidarity with lignite miners occupying the Hambach Forest a few kilometers away. Here, too, it's about RWE: The group wants to cut down the forest to mine brown coal. Activists have been occupying the area for years and have built veritable "settlements" of tree houses there. Time and again, police and brown coal mine opponents clashed in the past.


    Activists should hide in burrows


    On Saturday, the police continued the eviction of tree houses in Hambacher Forst for the third day in a row. Since the morning, the evacuation of another settlement with the name "Gaul" prepared, said a police spokesman. Members of the Building Authority had called on the activists with loudspeakers to leave the tree houses within 30 minutes.


    On Friday, the police had started to clear the tree house settlement "Oaktown" in Hambacher Forst. Two houses are now empty, said the police spokesman. The eviction of "Oaktown", however, pulls out, as there are indications that activists would have entrenched in holes, it was said. Some protesters should also defend themselves with concrete blocks and other devices against the eviction.


    Underground corridors also cause problems for the emergency services. The fire brigade uses telescope cameras to check whether environmental activists are in the corridors, said a spokesman for the Kerpen fire department. The mine rescue of former coal mines was also consulted. The experts had the "tunnels" examined and declared collapse, said the spokesman. As long as it is unclear whether there are other courses and there activists are hidden, even a heavy clearing device can not be used.

State power against environmentalists
                        The police have started clearing the protest camp in Hambacher Forst. Some activists are entrenched in the trees. The pictures.