Psychology: The other side is never right

Psychology: The other side is never right

Even through harmless aphorisms, people can split themselves. Psychologists have tried to fathom the causes of this extreme polarization.
 A statement provokes rejection according to the researchers, if they say the wrong thing, according to the formula: If the wrong person says something right, then what is said is automatically worthless.
 The study could help spur political debates.



    Fighters of all camps pour out contempt on social media and thunder heavy clubs on the digital skulls. After all, so far existed neutral zones, in which the spitters were able to lick their wounds in the battle breaks: breathe, look at cat pictures and then read a few Kalprüprüchlein that make it mysteriously into every timeline: "A gentle response dampens the excitement, an offensive speech irritates to anger. " Yes, yes, if you nod nonchalantly, that's it. And: "Multitude does not bring mind." It is easy to turn one's eyes over people who bother others with aphorisms like these. But in content you can hardly contradict such quotes. Or is it?

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