"Representatives" approve urgent help to the family of each new martyr 20 thousand dinars

Amoun – The House of Representatives approved the bill of martyrs of the armed forces and security services for the year 2018.

The Council agreed on Sunday morning to include and miss the civilian user in the armed forces and security services to define the martyr to benefit from the fund martyrs.

The Council also agreed that the definition of a martyr according to the law should read as follows: "Martyr: officer, rank officer, candidate, person, military student, student, policeman, authorized, civilian or missing user who dies as a result of military operations, after it has been transmitted or because of the operations of ambulance and fire brigade and rescue and training, which is given a decision to grant this status of the Special Military Commission to any of the Jordanian forces or security services.

The Board of Directors has agreed that the Fund has legal personality and will be represented by the public prosecutor in the legal proceedings. The Fund's management committee will consist of seven officials for a two-year period, three of whom will be appointed by the Chief of Staff and a General Security Officer; General and the gendarmerie According to the bill, the monthly salaries of military salaries of up to 700 fils of the rank of colonel and higher and the lowest of 150 fils for the rank of corporal, soldier, student and official are deducted and paid, while the brigadier and sergeant pay the first 250 Fils per month, candidate, agent, first agent Military pupil 400 fils, a lieutenant, first lieutenant and captain each of them paid 500 fils, and pays all of the rank of a leading supplier of 600 fils.

The delegates agreed that the Fund, in addition to the benefits in other laws such as pensions, insurance and other rights, grants direct support to the family of the martyr 20 thousand new dinars and once, alongside the Supreme Administrative Committee. of the Fund to help the families of the martyrs on national holidays, others.


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