Requirements for entering military schools are becoming more difficult

The Ministry of Defense intends to introduce tests of professional selection, which should be held after the exam

Requirements for cadets from military universities are becoming stricterRequirements for cadets from military universities are becoming stricterPhoto: Julia PYKHALOVA

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Requirements for school children who want to enroll in military schools will become more difficult. the Defense ministry sure of the results USE do not show the whole picture and therefore plan to introduce special tests for professional selection. A contestant who has overthrown them will not be admitted to a military university, even if he has high scores on a unified state exam. A check reveals a tendency to fight service or management work.

The new test system will start working in 2019. Tests are developed by specialists from the Military Academy of the general staff and approved and the intention is to check them not only for schoolchildren from yesterday, but also for those who apply for a contractual service.

The results of passing the test examination are assessed in three categories: the first -. suitable for service in special units involved in hostilities. The second is the management team, the third is all other positions that are not included in the list of the first two categories.

Access to the tests is only for the officers of the Ministry of Defense. They can not be found on the internet, only in the internal network of the military department. In passing the test, developers can follow the applicant in real time. The task can be completed anywhere in the country where access to the right program is available.

The Ministry of Defense explains that the tests are not the same for everyone. If it becomes clear on the basis of the results of the answers that a person has a tendency for some kind of activity, questions will be selected on the basis of this indicator. And candidates are no longer divided by gender. Men and women undergo one test of professional and psychological suitability for the service, writes the newspaper "Izvestia".

The site wrote that the head of state signed a law in the summer of 2018 that military training centers would replace the military departments in our universities and institutes. In 87 universities in the country, such departments or faculties trained officers and sergeants in dozens of military professional specialties. Now it is indicated where, when and how the transformation will take place.

In Serpukhov, the cadets tested the Typhoon – M combat vehicle.Pavel YAKOVLEV


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