Right Party: The AfD is a political con artist

The right-wing party fears the observation by the constitution protection. Now a primer should clarify what members are allowed to say and what not. The goal: Camouflage in the political debate.

       Comment by Jens Schneider



    In the political landscape, the AfD has established itself as a successful trickster. In the bourgeois garb their politicians give themselves in a state and law-abiding manner, but deliberately violate the rules of decency and the dictates of tolerance and humanity. If their border violations cause horror, that is entirely their intention.


    The horror of their opponents about their nefariety is their currency, it pays off with the approval of AfD supporters. The tone changes only when the party gets in distress, as now by the imminent observation by the protection of the constitution. Now she gives the pursued innocence and at the same time the enlightener against extremists in their own ranks, which are evidence, however, that the party is anything but blameless.

"We are fully committed to our program"
                This announces AfD boss Gauland, after a reviewer had advised the party to moderation. Co-chief Meuthen describes the possible observation by the constitution protection as politically motivated.
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It is a bizarre contradiction: Wortreich summoned on Monday party leader Jörg Meuthen before the capital press, that the AFD is as constitutionally loyal as no other party. The day before, her youth organization dissolved her national association in Lower Saxony. The reason was proven violations of the liberal democratic constitution.


    It is not an isolated case.


    In Bavaria, just left an AfD candidate for the post of Landtag vice, because the protection of the Constitution has him in focus. Whether in the Saarland, in Stuttgart – the party itself considers further cases as problematic, it has initiated exclusion proceedings.


    It is noticeable that in some cases the consequence has only begun with the fear of the constitutional protection, which could become a problem for the AfD, because it could unsettle the many civil servants in their ranks – policemen, lawyers, administrators – and scare off supporters.


    Now one suddenly wants to formulate "handouts" so that AfD members know what they are allowed to say in the context of the constitution and what not. Knowing that – especially for a party with a bourgeois claim – should be a matter of course. That such a primer is necessary says almost everything about the conditions in the AfD.


    But there were only in exceptional cases, a very necessary self-cleaning. The party leadership does not want to insist on decency and respect for minorities. Everyone should be clear on what the handouts to the base should serve: It is about the request for camouflage in the political debate. Wanted is not a clear rejection of xenophobia or incitement against Islam, but only a supposedly unassailable choice of words.


    Bad accent will continue


    The borders should by no means be drawn closely, as Gauland emphasized on Monday in Berlin. For example, he does not want to find anything wrong when one of his colleagues says that "mass immigration is always called" knife immigration ". Such bad culminations should continue to exist.


    The party leadership has no interest in abjuring the methods as long as they bring success. She also can not afford it, because she has to fear the turmoil of an increasingly radicalized base. Everyone should continue to be allowed to say almost everything and remain ruthless the main currency of the AfD. Even if the party could become formally immune to the protection of the Constitution, the damage to the political culture will remain the same.

Seehofer sends Maaßen into the temporary retirement
                        This was stated by the Federal Minister of the Interior in Berlin. The former constitutional protection chief Maaßen was advised because of a farewell speech again in the criticism. Meanwhile, the AfD explains that Maaßen would suit her well.