RWE: Police continue eviction in Hambacher Forst

The police resumed their deployment in the Hambach Forest this Friday morning. According to a police spokeswoman, several hundreds of police were already deployed in the field in the early morning to clear the tree houses of environmentalists and lignite miners. The night before, it had remained relatively quiet.
            On Thursday, special forces had taken the first activists out of the tree houses and destroyed some of the condemned buildings for years. This led to clashes between activists and police. During the night, policemen secured the already cleared forest.
            The energy company RWE wants to cut down large parts of the forest in the autumn in order to be able to dredge further brown coal. Before the start of coal mining, the forest was 4,100 hectares. According to the open pit operator RWE Power, so far 3,900 hectares have been cleared for coal mining.
            "Danger in delay" The North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) defended the eviction operations. "The state must prevail," said Reul on Deutschlandfunk. Courts would have decided, and now it would be up to the state to apply law and order. There is no alternative.
The fact that the authorities are currently proceeding against the tree houses that have been tolerated for years in the forest threatened by deforestation justified Reul with "danger in arrears". There were more and more criminals from abroad and they found weapons. The Home Secretary called on peaceful protesters to distance themselves more strongly from violent activists.