Sala & # 39; s father "we know at least that he will be here" in Argentina

"At least we know he will be here, I can put a rose on his grave and permanently remember it," Horacio said in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

Horacio has tried to tell reporters who have come home since discovering the fate of his son, who died on January 21 during a small plane crash, en route from France to Wales with the 28-year-old striker of the French club Nantes to his destination. The new co-Premier League from Cardiff City.

On Friday night, the English police revealed the fate of Sala, confirming that the body found the part of the wreck the night before, is already back to the player, while the fate of pilot David Ebotsson is still unknown.

"This is unbelievable," said Sala's father, adding that his son's career in professional football was "very short".

Horacio remembered the character of his deceased son and his "exemplary behavior", claiming that he is a very humble child, a village boy … very simple & # 39; used to be.

The date of transfer from Sala & # 39; s body to Progreso, where he is expected to be buried, has not yet been established. "We wanted to thank you for all the signs of affection and support at the most painful times in our lives," the family said Friday in a statement. "The whole world is on its way to guide us in our search, it was invaluable help forever."

"Thanks to you today we can start mourning."

The authorities stopped the search for the aircraft before resuming the Sala family's initiative, which used special funds for a search funded by footballers, including Sala Lionel Messi, and many donors via the internet.

"No one would have sought the plane," said David Mernes, a researcher of shipwrecks and owner of the company that found the debris.

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