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  • Scooters and skateboards with electric motor should be allowed to drive in Germany on bike paths and roads.
  • In spring, the Federal Council will decide on a corresponding ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Transport, reports The mirror.
  • The vehicles may be a maximum of 20 km / h fast,

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer wants to allow electric scooters in addition to electric scooters for road traffic. The CSU politician has authorized a corresponding release for small scooters and skateboards powered by electric motors, reports the news magazine mirror,

The so-called small electrical vehicles regulation will be sent to the Federal Council this spring. Regulated is that the companions on bicycle lanes or on the road with speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour may be driven. For the vehicles a Mofaführerschein is required. In addition, an insurance mark must be attached.

A whole series of start-ups have been waiting for years for this regulation in order to be able to lend or sell electric scooters and similar vehicles in Germany as well. In other countries, these vehicles have long been part of everyday life on the roads, including in the US, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark or France. In Germany, such a law had recently been delayed, because the officials in Scheuer's Ministry had reservations, in particular to allow those electric boards that do without handlebar and handbrake.

Scouring was the mirror According to him, he ignores the objections because he considers micromobility with scooters and boards to be necessary for modern traffic concepts in inner cities. The regulation contains however a passage, which gives the permission for the Elektroboards at first as a kind of traffic attempt. If too many accidents occur, they can be revoked quickly.

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