Selfstorage: Mucking is great, storing is better

For a long time affluent society has led people to accumulate more and more possessions. As early as the 1960s, private storage facilities and containers were set up in the US where the surplus was parked. Today there are over 50,000 self-storage locations. But even in Europe, more and more people encamp, even science is already dealing with the phenomenon. Thus, self-storage is the "most visible indicator of change from industrial to consumer society," writes architect Christoph Hinterreiter in an essay on the topic. The urbanists Charles Waldheim and Alan Berger call self-storage camps the "purgatory for the garbage of our excessive prosperity, which has its source in the impulsive consumption of superfluous things". The exhibition Where things live – the phenomenon Selfstorage In the Wien Museum, the phenomenon looks more differentiated. Each container can be told an individual story. Sometimes a son does not have the heart to throw away the possessions of his deceased parents. Sometimes someone is traveling so much that he completely renounces his own apartment. We show pictures of a fuss – after all, Marie Kondo with her dogma of mucking has not yet penetrated everywhere. The exhibition catalog has been published by Park Books.


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