Seth Moulton says that new housewives want to disarm Pelosi

WASHINGTON – Representative Seth Moulton from Salem is about to get some serious reinforcements for his troops Democrats who want to end the 15-year reign of Nancy Pelosi as leader of the house democrats.

Nineteen of the incoming Democratic first-year students were endorsed by the candid Pelosi critic by his Serve America PAC – and Moulton says many of these newcomers in Congress are committed to new leaders in the House.

House Democrats had a big night on Tuesday and took control of the lower chamber of the GOP by including a net of 30 new seats. There are still a handful of races that have not yet been set, and the Democratic margin in the House is likely to grow.

The premium is at the expense of everything: a leadership struggle in the House Democratic Caucus between Pelosi loyalists and those who want a new direction in the room. Faced with a barrage of negative ads from Republicans that tied them to Pelosi, about twelve members of the incoming freshman class said they would turn against Pelosi as a speaker. Dozens more avoided the question or expressed a desire for new leadership.

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"The candidates who said they will vote for new leadership will fulfill that promise," Moulton said in an interview with the Globe. "They do not go with what the party wants them to do if it is not the right thing for the district or country."

Of the original 20 US military and CIA veterans who have signed up with Moulton, eight have won their races. Six of them, including Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania and Jason Crow of Colorado, said that in Congress they would ask for new leadership if they were elected, which contributed to a growing group of members who resisted Pelosi's spearhead offer.

Moulton also accepted another 11 candidates without military background who are also led to Washington, and several of them were also critical about Pelosi on the track.

Pelosi's allies project confidence in her chances and point out that nobody has been formally risen to challenge her to the speaker's gavel. They pitch her as the only person with the experience needed to lead the House in what is already forming to become a tumultuous time. She is a great collector and has delivered the election victory that Democrats need, they point out.

"I am the best person to move forward, to unite, to negotiate," said Pelosi this week.

Even President Trump seems to believe that Pelosi will do the job, her "Speaker Pelosi & # 39; mentions in his press conference on Wednesday and praises her for her achievements.

But Moulton said that's because Pelosi better protects the deputy against the president than a new leader would.

Trump wants her to be a speaker, & # 39; said Moulton. "It's perfect for him."

The leadership elections take place the week after Thanksgiving in a closed meeting. The winner of the battle will be faced with a vote in January, when at least 218 of the approximately 230 Democratic members will probably have to support Pelosi.

So far, Moulton and other Pelosi critics are around 20 years old, raising the question of whether they could get the upper hand in the mood on the floor.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said she "has confidence in her support among members and elect." He pointed to several coils suggesting that Republican attacks on Pelosi did not motivate voters in the midterm elections.

Tuesdays' election results reinforce Moulton's reputation as a smart recruiter and fundraising party operating outside the party system.

His Serve America PAC confirmed a total of 34 home candidates. Nineteen of them won their races, with a handful of candidates who were still getting close together in matches to call.

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