Sex: You want it too

How Equal is Sex in Times of #metoo? The society with all its expectations is always present in bed.


    Of the accessories, which play a role in the interpersonal erotic, none has as poor a reputation as the socks. This is of course not the silk stocking, but the profane yet existentially important foot warming textile. A naked man with socks on his feet: Most people find that ridiculous, like a caricature. The sock torque is therefore also the reliable weak point of each common Entkleidschoreografie. Do you throw them away unobtrusively with your pants? Do you make a mutual foot revelation ritual out of it? The main thing, get away with it. …

No sex is not a solution either
                        In the beginning, couples love to end up in bed all the time. Then displace children, laundry mountains and tax return the desire. But sex has to be.
                    From Meredith Haaf