She sacks the police who shot and killed a neighbor in their apartment in Dallas

An internal investigation concluded that police Amber Guyger was involved in "negative behavior when she was arrested for involuntary manslaughter" after Botham Jean, a 26-year-old African-African young man, was murdered, the ministry said in a statement, without giving more details.

She was on administrative leave during the investigation of what happened on the night of September 6, but the police said that after an internal investigation, the head of the U. Reneé Hall department closed her during her hearing on Monday. .

Guyger has been working with the Dallas Police since November 2013, in the Southeast unit. He had just finished his service and returned to his apartment in the South Side Flats complex, near the Department's headquarters, when he shot Jean.

According to an arrest warrant, Guyger claims that he was confused as a unit and that the apartment was dark when he saw a silhouette and thought it was an intruder. He called 911 after he was shot and, during the telephone conversation, switched on the light and realized that it was not his apartment.

The police did not make the call public.

Protests and funeral services in the Caribbean

The death of Jean, an immigrant from the island of Saint Lucia, gave rise to protests and demonstrations in Dallas. The victim's mother wondered whether her son had the same fate as being white.

One of the requests from the family and activists was precisely that Guyger had been expelled from the ward. After hearing the news, the lawyers of Jean's family said it was "a first victory," but warned that they are still being accused and convicted of murder.

"This announcement about the dismissal of Amber Guyger from the police It is bitter-sweet for the Botham family. & # 39;they said in a statement. "Although nothing can bring him back, the resignation of Guyger is the first step towards justice."

Jean's family is represented by Lee Merritt, Ben Crump and Daryl Washington, lawyers involved in previous high-profile cases in which police abuse of Afro-Mexicans is alleged. In their message they reported that they had a telephone conference on Sunday evening with the Chief of Police, in which Hall warned them of the approaching resignation of Guyger.

They claim that Hall claimed that he had not terminated Guyger's contract earlier because acting prematurely could have violated the officer's rights under the Fifth Amendment and thereby jeopardize the criminal trial.

Despite the dismissal, the lawyers insisted that they continue with their research and they are preparing legal action for violation of civil rights against Guyger and the city of Dallas. They plan to use the section from 1983, which is used in case of abuse by the police.

Guyger had finished his turn when he shot Jean, but still wore his police uniform.

The Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, said that Hall had "made the right decision".

"I've heard that many ask me for this, including Jean's family," Rawlings said in a statement. The early resignation of "every officer involved in a negative behavior that leads to the loss of an innocent life is essential if the Dallas police must win and maintain public confidence".

According to the government regulations governing the department, Guyger may object to the decision, the police said.

On photo & # 39; s: The unusual death of Botham Jean, shot dead by an officer in his own apartment


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