Shutdown in the US: Trump offers Democrats compromise on wall financing

  • US President Trump has made an offer to the Democrats to raise funds to fund his Wall.
  • Leading Democrat Nancy Pelosi rejected the proposal as "unacceptable".
  • Next week, a legislative package will be adopted, through which the week-long shutdown can be ended.

In the struggle for an end to the budget freeze, US President Donald Trump has promised the Democrats concessions on immigration in return for agreeing to his plans for the wall on the border with Mexico. Trump offers to grant certain immigrant groups a temporary residence status if the financing of the border wall to Mexico is ensured.

Trump also suggests extending protection for immigrants who came to the US for war or natural disasters in their home countries. Senate Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will present the proposal for a Senate vote in the coming days.

However, the leaders of the Democratic Party in the US Congress rejected the offer in advance. In a statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump's offer was "unacceptable." For them, it was "unlikely that any of these proposals passed the house."

Pelosi announced that in the coming week, a package of six laws will be adopted in order to reopen the federal authorities closed for weeks. She called on Trump to sign these laws to end the shutdown.

The minority leader in the Senate, Charles Schumer, said the proposal was simply a "further hostage-taking". The plan provides "one-sided and ineffective remedies". Schumer said that as soon as Trump signs bills to end the government's curtailment, negotiations could take place.

The New York Times reports that the Democrats have added more than $ 1 billion to the proposals – for infrastructure at border crossings and for new judges who decide on asylum cases. Money for Trump's wall is therefore not included. The drafts probably have no chance of success, especially since Trump's Republicans have a majority in the Senate.

Donald Trump Trump's politics on the edge of the abyss

Trump's policy on the edge of the abyss

The president makes politics only for those Americans who have elected him – and only for them. He stops at nothing.Comment by Alan Cassidy, Washington


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