So charming is this waitress responding to a homo-friendly guest>

"I hope this message reaches this guy. You, sir, are an example of a miserable person. "Michele Crider, for example, in a video in a video to a guest she had served as a waitress in a restaurant in the State of Indiana that same day. Instead of tipping, she had received a note from two men telling the waitress not to tip her – along with a homophobic spell. In a video that is now viral, she answers the men:

"No, you did not win. You are the coward, "she turns to the homophobic guest.

The reactions to the video encourage

The almost four-minute video, in which Michele reacts sitting at her kitchen table to the men, has been called more than a million times, more than 17,300 times shared. "No, you did not win. You are the coward ", she turns on the one hand to the homophobic guest. On the other hand, she also gives the people who watch her video an insight into her life and her motivations to respond to such insults: "If you look at me, you only see one lesbian. But I'm much more than that. "She works hard to pay her bills and send her son to a good school:" I'm a mother and a 33-year-old woman trying to stand on her own two feet. And then there are people like you who think it's okay to put people like me down. "

In the video, Michele also reports how the incident first threatened to ruin her day. But after fifteen minutes they were able to recover. "Do you know why? Because I work in a great place. And my family just bought flowers for me, "she says as she holds the bouquet in the camera.

No more service for homophobic guests

Also, the reactions to the video in the social media should have pleased Michele: Many comment on how brave they find the action. But the support goes much further. Opposite the channel WPTA21, the owner of the restaurant and Micheles boss Emily Underwood said that after the release of the video, her shop was showered with greeting cards, donations and gifts for Michele. The homophobic guests, on the other hand, would have been identified through the restaurant's camera surveillance system. In the future you will no longer be able to operate – no matter if with or without a tip.

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