Solari convinces the president

Madrid is another club. At first sight, because despite the fact that it is not often a public limited company, it behaves as such, without elections and with a very personal president who behaves as owner. A factor that has recently made a number of coaches does not want to go because they know that they will not have the strength they want.

In Solari, on the other hand, he has had the opportunity of his life. That is in the ideal place at the perfect moment. When he stopped his boots he decided to try his luck with that coach, but from below, entering the factory, the football game of Real Madrid. In 2013 he trained the B-cadet; In 2014, Cadet A; In 2015, the young B, and in 2016, when Zidane stepped into the first team, there was a domino effect and took the lead over the young A. At the end of that season they decided to do Ramis del Castella and he was made position of the white subsidiary. After two seasons without promotion, it seemed that they had to be kicked out this summer, but they appreciated their training work positively about the results and, besides Guti (youth coach A), he still did not see them Castile, they gave him a third season.

And suddenly the chance comes to his life because of the premature dismissal of Lopetegui: train the first team. In five years he has gone from betting Cadet to the Champions League through all categories. And because he does not want to miss the opportunity and knows exactly how the house works, he fulfills everything he needs to become a coach of the first Real Madrid team.

And what is needed? Take the decisions that the President will please. Bale and Benzema are the undisputed headlines. A single goalkeeper for the League and the Champions League, who must be Courtois, who has been signed for this purpose. Vinícius must play, maybe not as a starter, but must have minutes in all matches. Oops, everything that Lopetegui has not done.

And then there is a second factor that you can not control, but that is very important for Florentine: happiness. Zidane had it, especially in the Champions League, with penalties at the last moment and mistakes of rival goalkeepers at important moments. Lopetegui was the opposite: he scored goals with the rebate and his shots went to the crossbar. I Solari? Well, at the moment he looks more like French: Valladolid and Viktoria Plzen are those who play at the poles and Madrid, who beat and when he deserves it. The missing element for the club owner to bet on Solari until the end of the season.