Somalia: More than 50 extremists killed in US air strike

US forces reportedly killed 52 fighters in an air strike against the Al-Shabaab militia in Somalia. The attack was in response to an attack by the militia against the Somali army, said the US Africa Command. Civilians were not injured in the air raid near Jilib in the Jubbada Dhexe region.

Earlier, a minister of the affected Somali province had declared in the attack on the base 73 of the attackers were killed. A senior general said seven Somali soldiers died. As a result, the attack began with the detonation of a car bomb at an entrance to the base. It was followed by intense firefights.

Al-Shabaab said in a radio message that the attackers had killed 15 soldiers and captured military equipment. The casualty figures given by the militia are often far higher than those of the authorities. The extremists did not provide any information on their own losses.

The Ethiopian Armed Forces participating in the international peacekeeping force in Somalia said a military convoy had been attacked on Friday by fighters from the Al-Shabaab. The military did not provide information on possible victims of the incident. Al-Shabaab had spoken of 57 dead after the battle near the village of Burhakaba.

Earlier this week, the terrorist group also launched an attack on a luxury hotel in Nairobi, the capital of neighboring Kenya. More than 20 people were killed. Kenya is also involved in the AU peace mission in Somalia.

The US is supporting the Somali Army and the African Union military mission in the fight against the Al-Shabaab militia. The allied with the terrorist network al-Qaeda militia fights in the country in the Horn of Africa against the internationally recognized government and committed again and again serious attacks.


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