SPD asks Sunday question

The Social Democrats win two percentage points in the current "Politbarometer". There is also encouragement for their proposal for a ground lease – among other things from the supporters of the AfD.

A clear majority of Germans support the introduction of a basic pension for people on low incomes with at least 35 contribution years, as proposed by the EPD. In a survey for the ZDF "Politarometer" 61 percent of the respondents argued for such an increase in the need-free pension, with just over a third (34 percent) against it.

Especially the supporters of the SPD (74 percent), Greens (72 percent), the left (70 percent), but also the AfD (59 percent) are in favor, determined the elections for the research group in Mannheim. The supporters of the Union are therefore divided, most FDP supporters (58 percent) against.

With the Sunday question the SPD could win: he wins two points, is 16 percent but still far behind the trade union, which would reach 30 percent (minus 1), if this Sunday would be a federal election. The Greens remain with 20 percent against the Social Democrats. The AfD loses one point and is 12 percent. Links still manage 9 percent, the FDP stays at 8 percent. Only the Union and the Greens could form a coalition with two parties.

The ruling coalition of CDU / CSU and SPD is back: 61 percent is satisfied with the government, 34 percent is not. This is a much better value than at the end of January when only 51 percent felt that the government was doing a good job.


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