SPD: Lars Klingbeil calls for "new style of government"

After the poor result of his party in the state election in Bavaria, SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil has called for a new style in the governing coalition. "I'm sure that we have to take consequences," he said on the ARD. The first step is now that "we need a new style in the government work in Berlin". The grand coalition has lost confidence in its way of governing.
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The SPD crashed on Sunday to 9.7 percent – a drop of 10.9 percentage points. The Social Democrats achieved their worst result in a state election ever after 9.8 percent in 2004 in Saxony. In the Bavarian state parliament, they will only be represented as the fifth strongest force.
            Klingbeil sees coalition burdened The Social Democrats should now return to their "brand essence" social justice, urged Klingbeil. It will be in the coming years to defend the "social democracy", "even against the resistances that are there," said the Secretary General with reference to the AFD. The topic of the future is how the welfare state evolves in the course of digitization, he added. The SPD is currently in a phase of upheaval.
            When asked about the government's work, Klingbeil said that the grand coalition was "very heavily burdened". It has proved "difficult" to remain visible as a party alongside government work. "We are in the grand coalition now for very crucial months."
            Kühnert wants serious debate A return to the so far superposed by disputes everyday life within the federal government warned Juso CEO Kevin Kühnert. "Anyone who believes that they can go over to these so-called day-to-day business elections commits a momentous mistake," he told the Rheinische Post. On phrases that you now have to "analyze thoroughly" or the "dispute in the Union had not been helpful," he was tired of more, said Kühnert and picked up on comments by SPD leader Andrea Nahles, which is a "careful analysis" announced in the election result.

Instead, according to Kühnert, he wanted "to know from my SPD how she wants to free herself from this situation". In his view, the Social Democrats now have two options: "Either we try once again to bring the coalition partners to their senses, or we leave."