SPD politician leaves after a controversial tweet that cries the plenary room

SPD politician leaves after a controversial tweet that cries the plenary room

A controversial tweet by the SPD politician Sawsan Chebli challenged the House of Representatives of Berlin. Then she left the room in tears.

Berlin – Bsonders in the present time, the comments and opinions of politicians are closely monitored and possibly sharply criticized – so now a tweet from the SPD politician Sawsan Chebli. This would have left the room in tears even after a discussion about its contribution.

Like the Berliner Zeitung B.Z. On 27 August Secretary of State Sawsan Chebli reportedly published the following statement on Twitter, referring to the situation in Chemnitz: "We are more (yet), but too quiet, too comfortable, too divided, too disorganized, too timid … we are not radically enough ". The politician has now removed the tweet.

Sawsan Chebli talks with MPs at the beginning of the session of the Berlin House of Representatives.

© dpa / Wolfgang Kumm

Chebli herself had already responded the day she published her tweet and wrote on Twitter: "I have tweeted today that we need to be more radical, I am radical in the devotion to democracy u. no longer use with regard to the "disgusting right-wing violence". It can be understood as "violent". Secondly, she wrote: "There must be only one force, that of the rule of law." That's why she removed the controversial tweet.

SPD politician Sawsan Chebli: her tweet led to discussions

In the House of Representatives of Berlin her words provided a sufficient discussion. First, the CDU and AfD had criticized the state secretary for their Tweet and her, according to the B.Z. accused of specifically having & # 39; radical & # 39; arguing with the choice of words. Then, according to information, Mayor Müller intervened and was the first to sit down for Sawsan Chebli: "Neither Mrs. Chebli, nor anyone else from the state government wanted to express that it might be violence," he had said. But he should not only strengthen the back of his secretary of state. "You do not have to say it like that, it's not my choice of words," he said loudly B.Z. also. He should have repeated his last statement again.

In tears, Sawsan Chebli leaves the plenary room during the discussion of the deputies about their recent statements after the demonstrations in Chemnitz.

© dpa / Wolfgang Kumm

Whether he renounced his words from the Secretary of State or would rather support them is not known. Neither should have commented on the discussion. But it is clear that Sawsan Chebli left the hall in tears after Muller's statement and later returned. Some "observers" are loud B.Z. the opinion was that she had been injured by Müller's statement. Others think she was happy with the mayor's words, but the whole has become too much for her.

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