SPD: This time they want to stay tough

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The SPD stood for the fight against right and against the AfD, exclaimed chancellor candidate Martin Schulz in the 2017 election of the
Stages of the Republic and got a lot of applause. As Schulz, now a simple member of the Bundestag, now the AfD parliamentary leader Alexander Gauland on the "bastard of history" wished that many found something too krawallig. In the SPD but he was celebrated for it.
            Because the confrontation with right-wing extremism is an identification theme for many social democrats. That's also why
the party in the dispute over the future of the controversial constitutional protection president Hans-Georg Maaßen not so easy
give in.
            Because last have become
Right-wing extremists open and sure of victory on German roads shown, in part
in step with AfD officials. But instead of expressing his concerns about it, the constitutional protection president doubted in a conversation with the image the authenticity of a video that shows how right-wing extremists in Chemnitz attack people on the street. Maaßen orakelte, the video should in reality distract from the "murder" of asylum seekers to a German. However, it is determined because of
Manslaughter, even the authenticity of the video is proven and the dead German has been thought of by all leading politicians. His untruths
Maaßen never publicly corrected.
Ultimatum to the coalition partners This has outraged the SPD leadership. The numerous attacks
foreign-looking people and dissenters, to whom it has come in Chemnitz but also elsewhere proven to have been just talked down by the head of the domestic intelligence service, it is said. It was also affected personally by the attacks SPD members: a group, for example, at the invitation of the SPD MEP Sören Bartol
had participated in a counter-demonstration, reported on attacks
Right-wing extremists. Only the police could protect her.
Maaßen is controversial not only because of the statements to Chemnitz: There are reports on possible assistance and consulting services of the AFD for the AFD, he should have previously made available to individual members of Parliament information from the constitution protection report.
            Also because Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) held despite all criticism demonstratively to measure, the SPD is now looking for the conflict in the coalition: "For the SPD party leadership is completely clear that
Maaßen must go, "was the demand that the party leadership after a few hours
Reflection period sent by press release. It is nothing but an ultimatum to the coalition partners.
            How far would the SPD go? The Social Democrats, the
have already made so many compromises with the Union, this time wanting hard
stay, they speak of a "attitude question". Everyone who is responsible for
One of the country's major security forces must be beyond reproach, says Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
However, it is unclear how
far as the SPD would really go, Seehofer should stay hard. Seehofer is as Minister of the Interior Maassens
Employer – the SPD can not fire the BfV boss. She can only do that
threaten to leave the coalition if that does not happen.
            The situation is tricky. No social democrat is interested in chaos days and not in the break with the grand coalition, according to the party leadership. After all, Germany is in a socially unstable situation, and poll numbers for the increasingly extreme right-wing AfD are high. At the same time, the SPD's are historically low, and no one in the party wants new elections at this time.