Spouse of husband who tried to kill her by messing with parachute, first takes a skydive since the horror dive to heal mental scars

The wife of a sargeant of the army who tried to kill her by messing with her parachutes before a skydive courageously made her first leap since the horror.
Victoria Cilliers, 42, was the victim of a cruel plot by her husband Emile Cilliers to drop her until her death, so he could run away with his secret mistress and the life insurance money of his wife.
MAIL ONLINE Victoria Cilliers took her first skydive since she almost fell to her death in 2015. On Easter Sunday, Victoria, a physiotherapist from Amesbury, fell 3000 feet to what her death was meant to be.
She managed to save enough of her two unsuccessful parachutes to reduce her speed enough to survive the fall.
Emile Cilliers was convicted in May for attempted murder and imprisoned for life.
Victoria says she had undergone a strong physical recovery after she had bursting bones in her back and a fragment of her pelvis to the right of a main artery, but her psychological recovery was slower.
PA: Press association Emile Cilliers was convicted last Sunday for attempted murder in MaySo, at the airport of the London Parachute School in Oxford, Victoria has taken the courageous decision to take a leap of faith.
She flew to a height of two miles and jumped and landed safely with a fully functioning parachute.
She told The Mail Online: "I smiled because people wanted me, but the sound of the rotating propellers, the smell of the fuel, the feeling of the cold wind that poured through the door, made me deeply worried.
"It immediately brought me back to the last flight when I had a sixth sense that I should not jump, a hunch of something terrible that would happen without any idea of ​​what it might be.
Unknown, clearly with image bank Victoria Cilliers pictured with her husband Emile Cilliers: "When I landed, I felt the most incredible feeling of relief and liberation."
Her daughter, six and son, three, waited there, swaying and shouting with pride.
Darren Fletcher – The Sun Victoria survived a 3,000-foot fall without parachute Many members of the parachuting community were also there to show their support.
Victoria said, "I could feel the love and the good will rise up to meet me."
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With the same trainers she wore in 2015, Victoria said, "What are they, if not my lucky skydiving shoes?"
Victoria has taken over more than 2,600 skydives, but this was possibly her bravest ever.
Visit Victoria's Just Giving page to donate to Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust: justgiving.com/fundraising/victoria-cilliers.
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