St Andrews fresher, a daughter of a billionaire, to be looked after by 13 staff members in the mansion

St Andrews fresher, a daughter of a billionaire, to be looked after by 13 staff members in the mansion

Normally, students take on guard roles to give their bank accounts a boost.

But not in St Andrews, where a fresher can expect to live in the lap of luxury, with a bakers dozen of 13 staff waiting for her hand and foot.

The top recruiting company Silver Swan has placed vacancies for 13 private household hospitality roles in the city.

The successful team, including a butler, three housekeepers and driver, is ready to make every whim of St. Andrews University fresher.

The student – the unnamed daughter of an Indian billionaire – will even have her own private chef in a modern upper house on the ground floor.

The specifications for the work emphasized that successful candidates should specialize in Indian cuisine, especially South Indian cuisines such as Dosa, although knowledge of Chinese and Italian delicacies will also be a plus.

The unnamed family was described as UHNW – ultra high net worth – in the communication.

The ad said: "A wealthy and UHNW family recently bought a large home in St Andrews."

The future employers were described as very formal and in need of experienced staff.

The team will include a gardener to take care of five-hectare sites, lackeys and a butler.

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The house will be used full-time by the daughter who arrives to study at the old university of St Andrews.

She gets access to a girl who wants to take her up early in the morning – so there's no reason to be late for lectures – and to help with grooming, clothing and personal shopping.

The rest of the spoiled student family – her parents and brother – will stay intermittently, just like other family members.

It can not be compared to the lives of the most famous students of the university in recent years – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

After he arrived in 2001 to make flashbulbs pop, Prince William enjoyed a largely inconspicuous student life with only the mandatory protectors through an entourage.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their royal visit to India.

He stayed in the halls of his hometown and went to live with one Kate Middleton and two other friends in a rented apartment center in the city, before eventually renting a secluded cottage outside St Andrews.