Staff shortages in nursing: More than half of the nursing homes have vacancies

A study of the Evangelicals
Bank shows: 60 percent of those surveyed nursing homes in Germany
open skilled jobs. On average, there are per home
six vacant posts. There were around 300 managing directors and
Head of Administration interviewed, who together at least 1,250 of the
nationwide represented around 15,000 inpatient homes.

According to the survey, every fifth home had to be in the
last three months because of staff shortages a temporary
Order occupancy stop. Many of the homes try through
salary increases To attract staff. But there is a lack of it
often in financial resources. To generate profits, be in
the homes on average a utilization of 94 percent needed.

Christian Ferchland, board member of
However, the Evangelical Bank says: "The shortage of skilled workers can only be very great
counteract with higher salaries "
political decisions are needed.

Temporary workers and nursing staff from abroad

To bridge bottlenecks, grab loud
According to the survey, around 40 per cent of operators return to temporary workers – albeit sometimes only in individual cases. Nurses from abroad, especially
from Eastern Europe,
belong in more than 70 percent of the homes
to the workforce.

Currently there are around 38,000 in Germany
Jobs in the care of the elderly and nursing unoccupied. To the
To counteract this, the Federal Government wants education and training
in the industry. By 2023, the number of trainees and
training institutions in federal section by ten percent in
Increase compared to 2019.

The federal government is doing
also pressure on aged care services, so they pay collective wages. The industry with charitable, church, public
and private porters is dismembered. According to Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) have only 22 percent of employees in nursing
Collective agreements, usually a higher pay and better
Guarantee working conditions.


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