Stammtisch in Bayern: "The Seehofer does not begrudge the Söder more than 40 percent"

Stammtisch in Bayern: "The Seehofer does not begrudge the Söder more than 40 percent"

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The table is made of softly ground maple wood scrubbed with pork rind. A smell of beer mat, bratwurst fat and wheat foam lies in the morning mist of the pub, in the background gurgles quietly Antenne Bayern. No particularly loving music selection, someone has probably set the station, no one likes him very much, since then he stops, something must finally run. The wooden floor reveals with a creak every new guest, next to the green tiled stove are cups of meaningless sports tournaments. On the walls hang photos of the Solnhofen football team 1998, a photo of the innkeeper with Hippiemähne in India and a small wooden board, on it a man with udders on his stomach and the saying: "That's what happens when you only drink milk instead of beer".

It is a Sunday morning, eleven o'clock, the old school pub in Solnhofen, in the only district without motorway access in Bavaria. Sunshine outside, four old white men inside, meeting for a brunch every Sunday. At the head of the table sits Karl, around 50 years old. To his right with white-haired hair Harri, both representatives of the "Fits scho" -fraction. To the left Fritz alias Wanger, who is always the first at the regulars' table, legendary Grantler and self-confessed "So I choose but scho ever nothing more" voters. To the left: the Wassersepp, a frustrated SPD member who always comes at eleven, so that he does not have to sit alone at a table with the grumpy Wanger.

In Solnhofen there is the tradition of house names and a difficult-to-understand logic of nickname. Wanger, for example, are popularly the turner, apparently Fritz has done that in his life. The Wassersepp used to read the water in the village, so water. Why Sepp, nobody knows, actually it means completely different. In addition, there are even more mysterious names such as the Habichkommensehen. According to tradition, this someone after every goal against the TSG Solnhofen "I've come to see" called. His son was therefore the little Habichkommensehen, that went on until the family last took the name with him to the grave.
            But back to the Stammtisch this Sunday. In front of each is a glass of freshly drawn golden light. We talk about the past general election.
Wassersepp: So last time I was ned for the first time.
            Wanger: I'm not going for a long time. That's just a dork, it's more ned. Etz with the bodyguard (Editor's note: meaning the Tunisian Sami A., who is accused, among other things, to have been bodyguard of Osama bin Laden). First send the bird away, then they will sue the court for damages, because they sent him home, the half-criminal, the. Is it no?
            Wirt (grumbling behind the dispenser): half-criminal? Half?
            The landlord, called Bigok, did his job very passionately last night. Now he is grumpy behind the counter. With deep wrinkles on his face, he critically eyed the four men.
            WANGER: The others are glad when they're out of jail, and we argue that they're repeating it. And if one says so, the other basically says differently again.
        The author

The author

Marlene Knobloch grew up in Solnhofen and fell asleep as a child at the regulars' table between smoking and drinking men. After leaving school, she hurried to Berlin, but likes to return to the wheat and Franconian sausages.
Wassersepp: Woßt, what I believe? That the Seehofer does not begrudge the Söder a good result! He does not begrudge the Söder more than 40 percent. One hundred percent. He has fallen to the ned. You probably will not experience that the zam occur! He goes to one beer tent and the other goes to the other beer tent. That's what the world looks like! He rubs his hands now if he gets under 40 percent!
            Karl: Yes, that's revenge.
            Wassersepp: How did he do it with the Merkel? Des was so indecent! That's what ma ned!
            Wanger: Well, that's what ma ned.
            Everyone (mumbling): Well, that's what ma ned does!
            Wassersepp: That can be how it likes. I'm not a CDU supporter, but that's what you do ned.
            Karl: Everyone makes mistakes.
            Wanger: Well, well, that's it. The san no more mistakes, of san Böck (Editor's note: Böck comes from "shooting the buck", an increase of "mistakes").
            Wassersepp: So, what annoys me about the whole thing that the Bayern-SPD out of the whole mess ned once something positive has pulled out for itself!
            Solnhofen, 1,700 inhabitants, famous for its fossils and the discovery of several archeopteryxes, so dinosaurs, made it to the last federal election on the front page of the regional newspaper with the headline: "From the SPD stronghold to AfD stronghold". Unlike in the deep black countryside, there were long SPD mayors in Solnhofen and in elections a constant majority for the Social Democrats. Now, at the regulars' table, sometimes someone appears, who chooses AfD. Then it will be discussed.
            Harri: Are there any at all, the SPD?


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