State election: SPD could overtake the Greens in Hesse

In the Hessian state election, there could still be a shift in the balance of power of the parties. Land election director Wilhelm Kanther did not rule out that after recounting not the Greens, but the SPD be the second strongest force
could. The official final result for the election of 28 October is to be announced after mishaps in the vote count until next week. According to Kanther, a slow computer system on election night had delayed the counting.
            In 28 of the 490 polling districts had been counted again, said the head of the office elections in Frankfurt
City administration, Hans-Joachim Grochocki. That was an unusually high rate.
As a cause, he also called the computer problems. Therefore you have
have to change to paper in the meantime and none at first
Had plausibility check.
According to a report by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, many more people in Frankfurt have been wrongly or not recorded at all than previously known. The recounting therefore amounted to "at least 2,000 votes after a rough calculation". The Greens have received 94 votes more than in the past
 as the Social Democrats.
             Overall, according to the report, there are about a dozen electoral districts
Breakdowns come. The results of parties are reversed, numbers
 twisted and forgotten pile with ballots in the count
Service. At the meeting of the district electoral committee was also known that the results were estimated in some districts only, resulting in differences of several hundred votes to the
actual election outcome resulted.

A shift could also have consequences for possible
to have. At present, exploratory talks are being held by the parties in Hesse. The CDU won the election after preliminary results with 27.0 percent.
Greens and SPD landed at 19.8 percent. Form the current coalition
CDU and Greens together. Black-green has to date
Findings again a majority – albeit scarce.