Stop at Breitscheidplatz: De Maizière sent a controversial commissioner to a committee of inquiry

According to media reports, a former member of the German intelligence service has been personally sent by the then Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière to the investigative committee for an attack on the Breitscheidplatz. As the newspapers of the Funke-Mediengruppe (Sunday editions) and the RBB reported, de Maizière himself made the controversial decision to make the official Eva Maria H. the representative of his ministry for the Committee of Inquiry of the Bundestag to work up the attack on the Berlin Breitscheidplatz. This is apparent from the unpublished response of the Federal Government to a request from the Greens parliamentary group.
            Members of the committee had severely criticized the posting of H. Because the official had worked before her transition to the Ministry of Interior until August 2016, ie four months before the attack, in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). As a speaker and head of unit in the Islamism department, she was also responsible for contact persons of the later assassin Anis Amri.
            For the committee of inquiry, she would therefore also be considered as a witness, the parliamentarians criticized. However, as a supposedly neutral commissioner, H. had full access to the file in the committee and attended meetings that were classified as secret. In a witness hearing, they could therefore align their statements with previous hearings and their knowledge from the file study.
            The Ministry of Interior had the previous activity of H. at
The protection of the constitution initially concealed. Only after this beginning
Became known from October through a media report, H. was from the
 Committee deducted. The responsibility for their posting had
initially taken a department head of the Interior Ministry. That the
 Decision was made by the then deputy chief de Maizière, was
not known yet.
            Criticism from the Greens The Green Party spokeswoman for internal affairs, Irene Mihalic, sharply criticizes the Federal Government and ex-Minister de Maizière: "Immediately after the attack, it was precisely the then interior minister, who used an amazing amount of energy, to play the role of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in the case of Anis Amri ", said Mihalic the spark newspapers. Now it stands in the room that "the personnel Mrs. H. was a political, which one used consciously, in order to obscure the role of the BfV around Anis Amri".
            Mihalic and the Greens want to ask de Maizière to the facts now also as witnesses in the investigation committee, which investigates the authority errors around the assassin Amri. When it attacked the Berlin Christmas market in December 2016, twelve people were killed.