Student who spotted Farage LIVE on TV with eye-roll reveals that she voted to leave EU

Nigel Farage criticized the Prime Minister's negotiations with the Brexit with the European Union when a public member rolled his eyes behind his back.

Mr Farage claimed that Theresa May delivered a "Remainers Brexit" which caught the attention of university student Harriet Ellis during "The Big Brexit Debate & # 39; from Channel 4 News: what does the UK really think? & # 39 ;.

The student has now claimed that she received wedding offers after she turned her eyes to Nigel Farage.

The 21-year-old told BBC & # 39; s Radio 1 Newsbeat that the reaction to her eye-roll, which went viral on social media, was "crazy".

She said: "Most people have been very nice and they say very nice things about how I speak to people across the country.

"There are even people who called me a hero, which I am not.

"There are people who earn that title much more."

She added: "I have also had wedding proposals, which my friend is absolutely not so happy about."

Harriet voted for the Brexit in 2016, but claimed that the speech of the former Ukip leader about a "Remainers Brexit" was the eye-catcher.

Monday evening, during the Channel 4 News debate, Mr. Farage responded after receiving a poll suggesting that only 23 percent think he would have done better if Mrs. May delivered the Brexit.

He said, "Well, I tell you what, there would be no confusion, what we get here is a lasting brexit.

Theresa has never been able to believe in it, she has watered it down, postponed it. She is willing to pay huge amounts.

"The Labor party is not better Barry, you were talking about the Brexit leaving the internal market, leaving the customs union, well, you changed your tune accordingly.

"I think the biggest problem we have here is a lack of leadership.

"People are whole confused there in the country. "

He added: "I'm not sure if anyone knows what to think at the moment.

"If you ask people: & # 39; Do you want to make laws? Do you want to control your own borders? Do you want to make your own trade agreements?" You get big majorities who say yes.

"In his heart, the country still wants the Brexit, and I think it gets very disappointed by politicians and politicians."

The poll, conducted by Survation, interviewed 20,000 people online in the UK from October 20 to November 2 in the largest independent Brexit poll ever.