Supermarket chain: Metro wants to sell real

Supermarket chain: Metro wants to sell real

The supermarket chain Real is to be sold, said the parent company Metro.
 Real employs 34,000 people.
 Metro wants to concentrate in the future only on the wholesale business.



    The retailer Metro wants to part with its supermarket chain Real. In the future, Metro wants to focus entirely on its wholesale business, the MDax Group said. The Management Board therefore decided to initiate a sales process for Real. The supermarket chain has about 34,000 employees.


    Just over a year ago, the Metro group had split into two parts. On the one hand, the investment company Ceconomy for the electronics markets Saturn and Mediamarkt, on the other hand, the grocer Metro with the same named supermarkets and the supermarket chain Real. Already in 2015, Metro had separated from the former subsidiary Kaufhof.


    Austerity measures and wage dispute at Real


    Real's problems and continued weakness in Russia's business have left their mark on the Metro balance sheet. In the third quarter, the turnover of the commercial giant sank by 3.7 percent to just under 9 billion euros. Net profit slipped by 23.3 percent to 57 million euros. Metro tried to counteract with austerity measures at the supermarket chain Real against it. The union Verdi responded in the summer with warning strikes, demonstrations and rallies.


    The trigger was the management's decision to say goodbye to the collective bargaining agreements agreed with Verdi and instead pay newly recruited employees for a collective agreement with the union DHV. This is much cheaper for the company.


    Metro chief Olaf Koch, on the other hand, accused the union of having blocked certain negotiations with the troubled supermarket chain for years. The previous collective agreements would have charged Real significantly higher labor costs than they would have to bear many competitors. That was no longer acceptable for Real. Recently, Koch Real but on the right track. By developing a sustainable business model, the growing online presence and the now competitive cost structures, the essential prerequisites for a positive development were fulfilled.

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                    By Benedikt Müller