Surprise in the city of Buenos Aires: thousands of caves appear in caves

Surprise in the city of Buenos Aires: thousands of caves appear in caves

Times of excavations, bags and suspicions, the square of the dollar
blue It was full of questions. For a few days appeared in the area of ​​the money changers of Libertad Street
hundreds of thousands of wet dollars.

The urban legends were released. It happens that a Venezuelan is put up for sale, informally, of course, parties of dollars worsened by a flood. Those who have contacted the man say that they are sold for 85% of the value and that he has $ 500,000 available for these days.

According to several people who have contacted each other, the seller brings along parties of about $ 200,000

and liquidates them in the informal market.

Sales caused all kinds of suspicions. It happens that there are few who suspect this kind of currency

can come from money laundering
. As little is known, they are foreigners and, obviously, they respond to a kind of washing.

Now, whoever buys them, must take the risk of being able to exchange them or not. Those who pay 15% off can not practically exchange them in Argentina in an entity that is committed to receiving dollars in poor condition. In addition, he could be involved in a money laundering maneuver.

The Federal Reserve exchanges all tickets in bad condition when the numbering is known. In recent years, the number of replacement orders from Argentina and Russia – the two countries with the most dollars outside the United States – generated several warnings that made the Fed more restrictive.