Suspected of having banned veiled women in his JT, Jean-Pierre Pernaut reacts

Jean-Pierre Pernaut. – Martin Bureau / AFP

Did Jean-Pierre Pernaut censure the veiled women of his JT? The charge, including the broadcast Do not touch My TV echoed Thursday night, came out of a brief of the Chained Duck from this week.

According to information from the palmipède, Jean-Pierre Pernaut would have refused that veiled women appear on the air as part of a topic on the presence of French and European flags in the classes. Presenter celebrating this year
his 31 years on TF1's 13-hour newscast reportedly said "there will be no veiled women in my diary", justifying himself by saying "what he wants in my [son] JT ".

"I do not understand where it comes from"

On the set of the show TPMP, the presenter of one of the most watched news in Europe reacted via one of the columnists, Valérie Bénaïm. "I do not understand where it comes from, just look at my news, there have always been veiled women, women of color, diversity. "

In a survey published in April 2018, the news site now stopped BuzzFeed had identified
 several activities of Jean-Pierre Pernaut on social networks. He particularly liked a post blithely criticizing the migration policy of François Hollande "Wake up! They went crazy. The government wants to fight against illegal immigration by creating 10,500 places of accommodation. Jean-Pierre Pernaut's daily report brings together nearly five million viewers every day.

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