Syria: A country before the last great battle

Syria: A country before the last great battle

Idlib province is waiting for the war that destroyed the rest of the country. So how many people will still flee? Who controls the province and who controls the other regions of Syria? An overview in graphics.


    The Idlib province, located on the Turkish border, is the last major rebel-held area in Syria – almost two-thirds of it is ruled by al-Qaeda-affiliated group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Tens of thousands have fled to other parts of Syria since September, said Panos Moumtzis, Regional UN Coordinator for Syria in Geneva. When the forces of ruler Bashar al-Assad start their offensive, the last great battle of a long civil war will begin, in which Syria's regime with Russian and Iranian help recaptured large parts of the country from rebels and Islamists.


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