Syria: Union and FDP politicians want to bring German IS fighters back

According to a report, CDU interior politician Armin Schuster has spoken out in favor of retrieving imprisoned IS fighters with German citizenship in northern Syria. "We can not expect other countries to take on threats we want to deport, and at the same time refuse to take back German IS terrorists from Syria," Schuster said mirror, Germany has a "responsibility for its citizens, even if
they have committed serious crimes ".

It is estimated that the Kurdish militia YPG has captured more than 800 IS fighters in northern Syria, and about 2,000 women and children. According to ZEIT information, about 120 Germans or Germans from Germany have left for the IS. Most of them were arrested or deployed in areas liberated from the IS. But the YPG wants to get rid of the prisoners and threatened to release them should Turkey invade the areas they control.

France takes back 130 prisoners

That's why FDP faction vice-president Stephan Thomae is calling for German ISIS supporters to be retrieved. "We can get a grip on the danger of these people in German prisons," he said mirror, Last week it became known that France wants to take back about 130 citizens. The government in Paris also worried that the perpetrators could be released.

The Federal Government has been seeking a solution to the problem since mid-2018. However, according to the media report, in many cases it is unclear whether the IS returnees in Germany can even be brought to justice. In several cases, the evidence should be good, others are still missing evidence that is sufficient for a warrant.


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