Tax: pensioners settled abroad!

Tax: pensioners settled abroad!

The LREM deputy, Sacha Houlié, condemns an unequal treatment between pensioners living in France and those who have settled abroad and who were exempt from the establishment of the CSG …

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( – Go live in the sun, buy purchasing power and enjoy peaceful retirement, many French people have made the choice to spend their old days abroad, such as in Morocco or Portugal … other life, that sometimes also has its advantages in taxes, but perhaps for a very long time!

"A real inequality"

According to Les Echos, the majority MP Sacha Houlié wants to contribute … He points to the finger "a real inequality between retirees in France who have undergone an increase in the CSG, which we assume and those who do not have it had, foreign tax ". "Since we decided to make a contribution, everyone has to contribute, it is a matter of solidarity and equality," said the representative of Vienna …

In a letter to Elysee and Bercy he argues for an increase in the contributions for pensioners who convert the tax outside the law.

Nowadays French people living abroad are not subject to the CSG on their pensions, in contrast to those who settled in France and who saw an increase of this contribution of 1.7%.

Tax at the source

As indicated by Les Echos, a decree of December 2017 indicated that this increase had to be passed on in the sickness contribution, but was suspended because it would have affected all pensioners regardless of their income. Without tax data, impossible to exempt small pensions …

For Sacha Houlié everything changes with the introduction of tax at the source. The French government will "be able to know the amount of allowances, treatments, pensions that are observed and to set a threshold for an increase in the contribution".

Small exempted pensions

The member would even be in favor of a higher increase in countries where tax systems are advantageous as Portugal … Again, critics feed against the government accused of paying pensioners.

But the MP LREM defends itself: "We avoid touching the Algerian employee who receives a pension of 800 or 900 euros after a lifetime in France," he says, while the one who had a good time has a career in France with a good replacement income will contribute. "

The proposal is far from unanimous among the majority … The LREM deputy of the French from abroad, Anne Genetet, submitted a report to Edouard Philippe about mobility. According to her, it does not make sense to apply the same percentage of CSG to pensioners in France and abroad. When you go abroad, we contribute to a security system that may have other disadvantages. "

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