Teacher: More pay for educational hard work

Teacher: More pay for educational hard work

Berlin wants to pay teachers at hotspots more: as a recognition of their work and incentive to even get to the schools. Because applicants are missing.


    Monday is always the hardest day. On Monday, many children at their school are under tension, says Astrid-Sabine Busse, charged with a weekend without movement. Behind many are two long days when nobody felt responsible for them and they spent most of their time squatting in front of screens. They need special attention. But not only on such days is the job for educators at the elementary school in the Köllnische Heide more than teaching, much more. "Many children need attention, they also want to be hugged." Some are the only ones at home who get up in the morning, they come without breakfast. Teachers and educators take on many additional tasks and take great care of students.


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