Terrorism: Union wants to exterminate Islamist perpetrators

CDU and CSU want to create an opportunity according to a report
to exorcise Islamist perpetrators from Germany. As the imageNewspaper reports, want the
Group chairmen of the Union parties from federal, state and federal states
European Parliament on Saturday at a meeting in Brussels a paper on
Deciding inside security.

Among other things it means that "also
 at national and federal level
would. Naturalization of extremists should be prevented or – so far
 legally possible – can be reversed. Who for one
Terrorist militia fought and next to the German one more
Citizenship must have German citizenship
can be denied.

"We see one
Increase in terror that stops at no frontiers, "said Thuringia's CDU National Chair Mike Mohring, who heads the Conference of Group Chairmen
At all levels, we are clear, consistent and coordinated throughout the EU
Measures. "The most important goal is people in Germany and Europe
 to better protect against attacks. "It also includes all states
 put their findings on perpetrators and hate preachers in a common list. "