Tesla uses Powerpacks to protect the University of South Florida against power outage – Electrek

Tesla uses Powerpacks to protect the University of South Florida against power outage – Electrek

The energy department of Tesla has implemented a new Powerpack project in Florida, apparently the first of its size in the state, to protect the University of South Florida from power outages.

Catherine Stempien, head of Duke Energy in Florida, said she installed a 100 kW solar panel and a "350 kW Tesla Powerpack and inverter system" – pictured above – in a parking garage on the campus of the University of South Florida.

The system contains two Powerpacks, which generally have an energy capacity of 210 kWh, making it a system of 350 kW / 420 kWh.

Said (via WMNF):

"Well, this is a great project, really the first of its size and its use here in the state of Florida, what we've done here is a 100 kilowatt solar panel combined with a parking garage with a 350 kilowatt battery storage system delivered by Tesla, and the two of those systems really combine an integrated energy system for the University of South Florida.

When the grid is in operation, the Tesla Powerpacks will be used to better benefit from the solar energy produced by the solar panels.

If the electricity grid fails, the Powerpacks can control the garage independently of each other.

Stempien explained yesterday for a demonstration for the media:

"This is going to be a good example of what the power really is of the whole system, what we're going to do is simulate a power outage that's going on, the power will go all the way to the parking garage and the battery – you'll see that the battery starts to kick, and it provides all lighting, continuous use of the lift and charging of electric vehicles, so that it can be a stand-alone working car park, even when the power fails. "

Although it was the "sunshine state", Tesla Energy, like many other solar companies, had problems with expansion in Florida because of a number of electrical tools that fight against residential solar energy.

That said, Tesla has been working with Duke Energy in Florida for a while.

This latest project is currently one of many. Tesla is accompanying a disaster in energy storage projects towards the end of the year.

Tesla CTO JB Straubel recently confirmed that the company has now installed more than 1 GWh of energy storage and they are striving to deploy another GWh of energy storage in just the next 9 to 12 months.

The Powerpack is probably responsible for the vast majority of deployment capacity thanks to several major projects coming up – including the enormous & # 39; up to 1.1 GWh & # 39; Powerpack battery system that Tesla and PG & E are working on.

Main image of Sean Kinane from WMNF.