The anger of parents after 10-year-old children asked for the completion of the sexual history survey at school

MUMS and fathers are in their arms after their 10-year-old children were asked about the details of their sex life.
A survey was distributed to primary school students in Vermont, New England, where they were questioned about their sexuality and which gender they would prefer to be.
Getty – Contributor Parents were furious when they stayed behind with the investigation. The questionnaire was sent to the students of the Windsor Elementary School and was conducted by WISE, a non-profit organization for domestic violence prevention and advocacy, WPTZ-TV reported.
Then a message was sent to the parents so that they could choose their children from the survey.
But older Vanessa Beach said she had never received it.
And although she does not oppose gender identity and sexuality being discussed, Ms. Beach said she thinks that the survey questions were not suitable for her daughter's age group.
Getty – Contributor Angrily thought the children were too young to be asked about sex life. Mrs. Beach said: "My daughter is 10. This also applies to all other children who have done this.
"A sexual partner at the age of 10 would be called sexual abuse."
A WISE representative said that the survey questions were compiled with researchers from the University of New Hampshire with whom the group shares the collected data.
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Mrs Beach said she had told the school and WISE about her concerns.
But school administrators and WISE officials said they are working on addressing parents' complaints.
Students are told that they are not required to take the test and may choose not to do so, said a WISE officer.
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