The big national debate is "a disguised election campaign" according to a MEP

Emmanuel Macron during a debate organized in Etang-sur-Arroux on February 7, 2019. – Liewig Christian-POOL / SIPA

MEP LR Philippe Juvin said Saturday he seized the National Commission of Campaign Accounts, denouncing in the big debate "a disguised election campaign" of LREM, in view of the European.

Philippe Juvin said in a statement to have asked the president of the CNCCFP "to integrate" in the campaign accounts of the European elections of LREM "the resources allocated to a public meeting of Mrs. Agnès Buzyn", Minister of Health. At this meeting, last Sunday in Trappes (Yvelines), the minister would have held "militant statements unequivocally in favor of LREM in view of the European elections" of May 26, said the one who is also mayor of La Garenne-Colombes (Tops -de-Seine).

"One man shows successively"

"This great national debate, initiated by the President of the Republic to respond to an unprecedented crisis linked to illegible and unjust political and economic choices, can in no way be a disguised electoral campaign", adds the President of the Federation LR Hauts-de-Seine.

"It has been nearly three weeks now that we are witnessing what is more like an election campaign rather than exchanges with the French," said National Assembly MP Valérie Boyer, in a letter to the Conseil Supérieur. audiovisual sector (CSA), sent to AFP. She lists the hours of public meetings "animated by the Head of State" and broadcast on television that "satur (ent)" the political and media space, according to her.

At the end of January, the Republicans had already questioned the CSA about Emmanuel Macron's "one man shows successive" in the context of the great debate, asking the regulatory body to "scrupulously ensure" that "the balance of speaking time be respected ". An LFI MP, Michel Larive, had made the same request.

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