The crime that harasses the Baró de Viver district

Baró de Viver’s neighbors in Sant Andreu thought they had seen everything. Drugs, battles and even some killings have always been around – the most memorable, committed with a harpoon in the middle of the street – but on December 21 at ten o’clock the neighbors lived an episode they would never forget: A camel out the neighborhood – with many antecedents – fired four shots at a neighbor who had come to buy bread. Eduard Colmena, Edu, lay on the floor for about a minute with convulsions until he died. “Girl, that was a shot,” I said to my wife. Then I heard a voice in the street that cried: “Your husband has killed”. He was someone who warned the wife of the Edu through the interferon “, remembers Manuel Martínez, chairman of the football club of Baró de Viver and friend of the victim.

Three weeks have passed since the incident and there is still no detention for the brutal murder. Everyone knows who committed it. Not only because there are many witnesses who saw the murder, but also because it was a crime that would come. Edu himself called the Mossos that day because he knew he would kill him. It was the only one who faced a family of gypsy ethnic groups that were completely unstructured and had frightened the whole neighborhood. But his call was worthless. & # 39; The Mossos could have avoided his death. This is what you have to put in the article, “demands Àlex, a friend of Edu.

A fugitive family

The apartment where the family that is now looking for the police was empty, suspected suspicious that afternoon, hours before the murder. They prepared the flight. In total the family father disappeared, three of his children, the couple of one of them and three children of about six years. “How can an entire family disappear after making such murder?”, Asked another friend of Edu, who concludes: “Certainly, if they would kill a rich man, they would have already taken it.”

The police do not want to give details of this case because the investigation is still ongoing, but the neighbors are talking about the deaf. They do it to take away the torment they carry and because it is their way to do justice. They want us to know that Edu, who was 42 years old and a two-year-old girl, was a hero like few others, and that the murder can not go unpunished.

After the crime, those neighbors went to the house of the fleeing family that night and set them on fire. A few days later the rumor spread that the fugitives wanted to go back to get more things, and to re-mobilize the neighbors and burn down the whole building. Nobody knows where they hide, but neighbors are convinced that someone helps them. Both the patriarch and one of his children, Pedro, who according to the neighbors pulled the trigger, are very ill and have to go to the hospital regularly. “They will certainly catch them, but now they eat grapes on New Year’s Eve and Edu not,” wounded a boy who darkens a lull.

The family looking for the Mossos belongs to the Peludos clan, although it seems that there are not many relationships among them. They arrived there from Can Tunis seven years ago, “driven by a similar mere”, and since then everything has been a problem. On several occasions they had shot their pistols in the air in the middle of the street “to let the neighborhood know who was on the air.” And even after a lawsuit, a neighbor had to kneel down on the tip of a gun.

The neighbors started calling them the shooters. “When they return to the neighborhood, they are eaten,” said Edu’s father, Angel, Thursday. The man, 70, has been shot. Every morning he had breakfast with his son in the bar nearby. Nowadays he passes them with his dog, the Chucha, or he sits on a bench under the winter sun. “It is all that remains for me”, he says about stroking his bitch. L & # 39; Àngel hopes that the Mossos will eventually stop their family and will not rule out that they will sue the same Mossos. “That same day, hours before he was killed, my son called them, it was three o’clock in the afternoon, five cops came and saw how they threatened it, in the middle of the street, and the whole family had a hand in their pocket, to make them understand that they were armed, but the Mossos did not throw them out and let them leave, they did not dare. “Regret now.

“Take the gun and kill it”

All consulted neighbors agree with this story. That afternoon the family members again had a conflict in the neighborhood and ended up threatening a neighbor, Lydia – a woman who had also indicted them for months. When Edu heard it, he went to the park, as he had done so many times, and defended the neighbor. “He rubbed four waffles to Pedro” and according to the neighbors, many shooters with knives came to take revenge. “Even the children brought it”, explains a neighbor. As the father also explained, the Mossos warned immediately and arrived there.

In the middle of that discussion – the last – said Olga, the wife of Pedro, who Edu later, according to neighbors, killed, against her husband: “Get the gun out and kill it.” But Pedro did not do it, there are also neighbors who say they will call him “Today you will not pass.” Despite the threats, the Mossos, who had a lot of work in Barcelona for the Spanish Council of Ministers on 21 December, went on the march. ” What were they waiting for? Why do not you stop them? Should this happen? “, Asked the father.

A neighbor had seen that the Pistoleros were no longer home that afternoon, but he did not suspect that after so many threats they had decided to kill Edu. “My son called me and he said,” Father, do not go home, “the angel explains, but he left, went to the two little dogs he had and bought the bread, always according to the story of the his neighbors, Pedro and Olga waited for him between the columns at the place where Edu had to pass, when they were close they shot the first picture, even wounded Edu was thrown at him, but he made two more shots and a quarter to finish him when he was already on the ground, a car was waiting for the killers on the Paseo de Santa Coloma, from where the access to the round and the B-10 is direct, and they disappeared.

“The Mossos do not say it, but they did kill him with a revolver because he did not leave bullets and never got lost,” says Alex, another friend of the victim. “Edu knew they never won with their hands … but then a man comes and you shoot four shots …” Carlos adds.

He broke the baton to the patriarch

Before the fight on the 21st was the other big fight that Gunmen and Edu had about a year ago. He started in a playground where he was the patriarch of the family, Santiago, with his net and a mother with his son. There was a conflict between the children and the patriarch chose the mother and threatened her. When Edu knew it, he went straight to the park, “he started bringing waffles to the man and eventually he took the patriarch’s staff and broke it,” Angel explains. The man said, “Now I’m going home to find a gun and I’ll kill you.” And Edu, far away from the back, grabbed him by the neck and said, “We’re going to your house, that I’m guiding you.” They both went there and Edu entered the house of the family. When the patriarch’s sons went to seek him, Edu also warmed them. ”

According to the father, the patriarch had the order to leave the Edu and although the neighborhood was small, they were avoided. Until the day 21. Now the neighborhood hopes that the Mossos will eventually stop the family, but hardly exceed the death of those who consider a hero.