"The Crusader myth is crucial for such terrorists" | TIME ONLINE

In an Internet-based 74-page letter, a 28-year-old Australian has been responsible for the assassination of Christchurch, in which at least 49 people died. What drove the man and what does the staging of the deed mean? Peter Neumann is Professor of Security Studies at King's College London. According to the scientist, the published manifesto shows that the alleged assassin sees himself in a tradition with right-wing Norwegian Anders Breivik and his 2011 attack.

TIME ONLINE: Mr. Neumann, what do we know about the
Motivation of the assassin of Christchurch?

Peter Neumann: The manifesto of the offender he
obviously written and published before the act suggests: The
was a racist, right-wing motivated attack. He is eating
a combination of new and old right-wing ideology. In the manifesto are crude racist things that I would rather attribute to the neo-Nazi scene,
but also many new right elements, which one would rather find with identities.
The title of the manifesto is "The Great Exchange." This alleged
Population exchange is the best-known conspiracy theory of the new

TIME ONLINE: In his manifesto, the perpetrator also refers
Anders Breivik, the right-wing assassin from Norway. He claims
even, he had received the blessing of Breivik and been in contact with him.
Do you believe him?

Neumann: You should enjoy that with caution. I really can
not imagine the offender had contact with Breivik. Maybe he has
written him a letter. Not more. But that he writes that shows how
very much he sees himself in the tradition of Breivik and his plot of 2011.
Both in execution as well as ideologically, the assassin has as
Successor of Anders Breivik seen. You can see that in the format of the manifesto.
This is partly an interview with himself. As with Breivik. It is also
similarly written, similarly prepared. And if he has his preparations
describes that have supposedly lasted two years, then it is also similar
Breivik, who allegedly prepared for his attack for two years.
Breivik created this whole ideology of the Crusaders and you with his
Act awarded the radiance. The perpetrator of Christchurch saw himself in the
Tradition of this idea and was thus not just any loser, but part
a great historical movement. That's always important to terrorists.
Because nobody wants to be a single loser. Everyone wants to be something big
and significant. The crusader myth that Breivik created is for
such terrorists as in Christchurch crucial.

TIME ONLINESo the assassin was not the one
Single offender, to whom he is now made?

Neumann: Yes, it looks like he's a lone gunman
been. But there is a difference that will continue in the next few days
will clarify: Breivik was really a lone wolf, relatively little with
has communicated to other people. With this offender I can well imagine
that he was pretty intense in virtual subcultures, in
Internet forums like Reddit or 8Chan, where he deals with other people
has exchanged.

TIME ONLINE: The offender even announced the crime there
and then broadcast them live on Facebook.

Neumann: He has used all the media resources available to him
To be available. He has put the manifesto online, trying to live the act
to create a myth about your own person. And so others too
to instigate similar acts.


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