The father of Mylee Billingham & # 39; slapped wrists in the prison cell & # 39; after he had seen the CCTV of a daughter he had stabbed to death

A miserable father who killed his daughter tried to lead his own life in prison after he had seen the girl's images before he stabbed her.
Monster William Billingham, 55, stabbed himself after attacking eight-year-old Mylee with a kitchen knife while shouting "stop it, daddy".
West Midlands police William Billingham, 55, was depicted with a knife in his neck in a police mugshot taken after he killed his daughter. The Sunday Mirror reports how Billingham tried to cut his wrists into his prison cell during his trial, after killing Mylee in revenge against an ex.
The father of six reports that he has said that shopping with his daughter's CCTV him & # 39; over the edge & # 39; has sent.
In a letter he wrote: "It is a terrible time and the video of myself has sent me over the edge and caused me to hurt myself."
He even claimed that his only crime was to love his girl too much.
He added: "If it is possible to love your children too much, I am guilty without any doubt."
Billingham was found guilty of Birmingham Crown Court for murder and threatened to kill his ex-partner Tracey Taundry.
SWNS: South West News Service Mylee was only eight years old when she was stabbed by her father. Press Association Images Mylee was portrayed on CCTV several hours before she was fatally attacked by her father. Press Association Images Mylee was seen in a Costcutter store with her father about two hours before she was stabbed to death. On the night of the cruel murder he was found by the police with a "superficial" injury in his bungalow in the small West Midlands town of Brownhills, near Walsall in January.
The police described how the father "directed his anger" at Mylee to cheat Ms. Taundry after starting a same-sex relationship.
But when emergency services rush to save the schoolgirl's life, Billingham refuses to help – or even to name her.
Instead, he simply told officers "COPD" – regarding a lung condition he was suffering.
Slamming Billingham, Det Insp Jim Colclough said: "It shows how selfish he is, his daughter fought for her life and the only thing that occupied him was herself."
He added: "It is the most selfish act you can think of, it is the biggest breach of trust you can imagine as a father."
Earlier, Birmingham Crown Court heard how Billingham had threatened to kill ex Ex Taundry when she saw a kitchen knife fall on his feet on January 20th.
But as she tried desperately to seize the weapon, she slipped and the father grabbed Mylee and pulled her home.
SWNS: South West News Service William Billingham was found guilty of murder PA: Press Association Little Mylee shouted when she was attacked by her own father. Said the front door was then slammed and Mylee went silent seconds later.
Unemployed factory worker Billingham, who injured himself in the belly, spoke only of his own well-being when agents arrived and tried to revive his daughter.
He underwent surgery before being questioned and accused by the police – and later tried to cut his wrists when he was waiting for a trial.
The monster had chosen not to provide evidence, claiming that he had no memory for putting Mylee through the chest.
The jury consulted with Billingham for 80 minutes to be sentenced later on Tuesday.
Former friends described Billingham & # 39; s "Jekyll and Hyde character" and how he could "flip" after a drink.
One told The Mirror: "Bill could be a top man at the first moment and then just break in. He loved a drink, but you never knew when he would turn around."
He also boasted of being a "cradle snatcher" after starting a relationship with Tracey when she was 19.
Caters News Agency Police said Billingham wanted to take revenge on ex Tracey TaundrySWNS: South West News Service Little Mylee was attacked in her father's bungalow in Brownhills, near WalsallSpeaking after Billingham was convicted of murder, Det Insp Colclough said, "Mylee was a eight-year-old girl.
& # 39; She had every reason to believe that Billingham was the most trusted person in the world. To perform an act and actually take Mylee's life … it's terrible. & # 39;
Asked about his opinion about the possible motivation for killing, the senior detective added: "Tracey had started a new relationship, a relationship she was open and honest about.
"It is our opinion that Billingham was not really happy with that situation as he had done.
"Whether it is jealousy … he decided that evening to take actions in his own hands."
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He also praised the officers who were the first to respond to the call and said that they had shown "real courage".
He added: "They were confronted with extremely shocking scenes (where Mylee was injured by her father) and everyone worked tirelessly to save her.
"The first responders were an absolute honor for their respective services."
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