The first hiccup of the withholding tax - 09/01/2019



The tax centers have seen a large increase in the number of visitors. / Photo DDM, illustration

The tax centers have seen a large increase in the number of visitors. / Photo DDM, illustration

The large fiscal turmoil has begun. And officially everything goes well. As early as January 4, pensioners saw their taxes on their supplementary pension. The same applies to retirees of large government companies such as the SNCF. Yesterday it was the pensions of the general social security system that underwent their first reform. And … "it goes as planned, we have to stay humble," Gerald Darmanin, the minister of action and public accounts, almost relieved.

Well, not entirely. Because if it is too early to make a first assessment, most operations at the end of the month are effective, there is some teeth-grinding noise.

Number of record calls to taxes

On the side of the tax authorities, firstly, who saw the number of calls and visits explode. According to CGT national secretary Hélène Guerra, interviewed by The Parisian, the 150,000 calls counted by Bercy form "a record", and the peak of calls should take place in the direction of "January 25," at the time of the payment of wages. So much so that the Ministry of Finance has added another 200 people to the call centers. Gérald Darmanin also announced an exceptional bonus of 200 euros net in February for 40,000 tax officials. History to compensate for "the small work overload".

Problem with transmission speed

On the users side, it is the sampling rates that sometimes cause problems. For example, some new pensioners discovered that it was up to them to change their interest rate with taxes in early January. Their new situation is not automatically taken into account.

As far as employees are concerned, some were surprised that they charged a neutral rate when they asked for a personal rate. A problem with the transfer between Bercy and the employers. For the time being, it is impossible to know the number of cases.

It is therefore a good idea to "stay humble" as Gérald Darmanin says.