The Florida teen kills mother after contention over grades then buries her under fire pit -

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By Kalhan Rosenblatt

A 15-year-old boy in Florida will be charged with murder after announcing that he killed his mother in a dispute over the teenager's numbers, police said.

The teenager, who does not identify NBC News, confessed to the police that he was strangling his 46-year-old mother at the family home late in the early Friday morning, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office of Volusia County. His father was out of town at the time, the police said.

"After a fight … he went to her room and woke her up and began to strangle and strangle her until he killed her," said Sheriff of Volusia, Mike Chitwood, at a press conference.

At the beginning of Friday, the teenager put his mother's body in a wheelbarrow to load her into a van, driving him to River City Church, about a mile from the house, police said.

At River City Church, the teenager buried his mother's body under a fire pit, according to the police.

Chitwood said the teenager had left school early Friday to have a burglary at the house, where he killed his mother, police said. The teenager called in the help of two friends, both 17 years, to set up the burglary, the police said. Those teenagers are also prosecuted criminally.

"He then came home and made his, in his own words," Grammy-winning phone call to 911 "to talk about this awful incident that did not really happen," said Chitwood.

The police responded on Friday afternoon to the reports of the burglary at the home. The 15-year-old told the police that he had discovered the burglary when he came home from school and that his mother was missing. The van still drove on the driveway.

The mother's body was left by the police Saturday morning at the fire pit in the River City Church, after the teenager had announced, according to the press release.

Officers also found computers and other electronics, including a Playstation and a rifle at another location in DeBary that had been moved during the intrusion of the burglary.

"You can not imagine how wild this whole story was," Chitwood said.