The funeral of Martyr al-Jabour in Sahab

Amman Algd- Thousands of people were tortured Saturday afternoon in the town of Um Batma in Sahab, which was tortured during the search for missing persons during the floods that invaded the area of ​​Dabaa.

On behalf of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Director General of the Civil Defense, Major General Mustafa Abed Rabbo Al-Bazaeeh, took part in the funeral of the Martyr Jabour. Major General Al-Bazayeh conveyed the compassion and sympathy of His Majesty the Supreme Leader to the families of the martyr and his family and his family.

Major General Al-Bazayeh handed over the Jordanian flag to the father of the martyr Jabour and emphasized that he would remain a symbol of the championship, forever with the martyrs who redeemed the country with their pure blood.

He took part in the funeral of Martyr Jabour, the director of the Special Military Office of His Majesty the King and a number of salaries of the armed forces, public security, the gendarmerie and a large number of civilians.

The martyr of the duty held a military ceremony and carried the shoulders of his colleagues from civil protection personnel, wrapped in the Jordanian flag, and he was buried in the Umm Batma cemetery after prayers in the Umm mosque Fatima al-Kabeer.

The funeral of Martyr Jabour in Sahab
The funeral of Martyr Jabour in Sahab
The funeral of Martyr Jabour in Sahab