The law must intervene if men can not interfere with schoolgirls

Of all the frightening news headlines lately, it is most shocking that one in three girls in the UK has been sexually harassed in public while wearing school uniforms.
The figures come from a report from the charity Plan International UK, which also found that two-thirds of the girls say that they have experienced unwanted sexual attention in public.
Getty – Contributor Girls must be able to travel to and from school without being afraid of being chased by older men. A third of the girls have been touched, touched or caught by men they do not know. This kind of thing is so common that many – some as young as eight – experience street troubles as part of growing up. How awful is that? Part of the problem is that somewhere along the line the idea that schoolgirls are "sexy" has become normalized, acceptable and even mainstream.
Yes, I know the waters were somewhat clouded by Britney Spears in her Baby One More Time video and Gemma Arterton in her St Trinian movies – both look as sexy as heck in school uniforms. And yes, I know that many girls look older than they are, and perhaps even try to do so by wearing make-up, smoking or shortening their skirts on their way to and from school.
But let us be very clear about this. – girls who are young enough to wear a school uniform are children. And the idea that a man thinks it's okay to whistle a wolf, chat or give some kind of sexual attention to a girl in a uniform is not only seriously worrying. It should be a criminal offense.
By the way, I wonder what a similar investigation of boys would find. Because the idea of ​​wolf-ringing schoolboys in the street is unthinkable, right? Parents of high school children must give them some freedom to help them on the path to adulthood.
Too often our reaction to such news is trying to protect girls by telling them that they should not be too provocative. Often it is to let them walk without supervision to school. But the idea that exposing their child to the possibility of sexual harassment will be quite disturbing for every parent.
One of the saddest things about this report is how many of the girls interviewed thought that this kind of behavior is "normal." An 18-year-old said she felt that street torture was part of the bro-culture & # 39; and her father had told her: & # 39; You know how people are. & # 39; What kind of advice is that for your daughter?
Another girl, at the age of 17, said: "It has just become normal." But the result of behavior like this is that it scares girls to walk through the streets.
All too often our reaction to such news is trying to protect girls by telling them that they should not seem too provocative. But that simply perpetuates the idea that men "can not help themselves", so it's up to the girls and the way they dress to make sure they're left alone.
Alamy Every man who leans on a young girl in a uniform is nothing less than disturbed (posed by models) You can not blame girls or women for the behavior of men, regardless of the length of their skirt. But the difficult truth is that we know that women have to adjust their behavior and the way they dress to prevent men from commenting on their appearance, harassing them or getting worse.
Perhaps I am most shocked at the young age at which this begins. A good thing is that nowadays girls in high school have phones. They can record things that happen to them and report this. Moreover, Plan International UK calls on bystanders to challenge intimidation when they see it.
Certainly, if I were in the neighborhood of a wolf-whistling schoolgirl, I would turn my lid over. I would not be so afraid to express my thoughts and verbally intervene. I think my opening move would be: "How would you feel if your sister, granddaughter or daughter were an old git who was bothering?"
To every man who reads this and thinks it's good to talk to schoolgirls like this, let me tell you that some of these girls are terrified. It is not funny or cute. It is threatening. Many teenage girls look older than they are, but if you are confused and doubtful, here is an indication: the school uniform is a giveaway.
Every man who leans towards a child in a uniform is nothing less than disturbed. And if they can not stop themselves, the law must intervene. The best offer from Rachel
As you know, I am a big believer in body acceptance and self-love, but I confess a moment of jealousy to the fantastic figure of model Rachel McCord.
Splash-news Rachel looks absolutely fantastic in these latest videos, clear that she has to spend most of every day in the gym. . . But you have to give the credit where the credit is due. And she looks great!
(Do not get me wrong, I could look like that too, I just love cake too much.)
Crazy promise
ONE more day, another crazy promise from Labor. This time it was Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell who said that a Labor government would bring a four-day work week.
As Treasury analysis shows, this means that labor should borrow £ 1 trillion to finance its spending over the next ten years – the equivalent of £ 35,000 for every household in the UK.

Frankly, if the PvdA comes to power, it will eventually become a zero-day week, because business collapses and there will be no jobs to go to.

The simple fact is that you can not run a country or business on a four-day week.

Chris put & # 39; pay & # 39; in a balloon
I am as fond of a good party as the next person.
Instagram Baby gender disclosure parties are becoming increasingly popular. But I can not be the only person who rolled my eyes with the claim that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and actress Dakota Johnson on Sunday a & # 39; baby gender reveal party & # 39; organized.
Apparently large bows of pink and blue balloons were seen above a star-studded bash in the house of Martin Malibu. A little later, blue balloons were released into the air, presumably announced that a boy is on his way.
The couple claims that it was only her birthday party, but the singer has helped us get to know the term & # 39; deliberately decouple & # 39 ;. Wait a moment before this is a new thing. . .
Religion can be a negative power. IT was heartbreaking to read about the teenager in India who was found tied to a tree, beaten up by members of her Muslim family.
She was punished & # 39; & # 39; because she walked away with her Hindu boyfriend.
The police were allegedly called on the spot, but did not make arrests – and that is a lie, right?
Stories like this are a reminder that religion can be both negative and positive.

Mr. has no drugs
I WAS NO LONGER AGREED to Sir Anthony Seldon, above, deputy chancellor of Buckingham University, who wants the uni to take an active anti-drug stance.
Getty – Sir Anthony Seldon has made a good decision. My son is with Buckingham Uni and they already have sniffer dogs everywhere on campus to randomly check students. Sir Anthony says he has a psychological contract & # 39; want to create between students and the university, so students implicitly accept agreements to avoid drugs when they register, which I think is a brilliant idea.
His approach is the opposite of Sheffield University, where the student union gave advice on the safe taking of various hard drugs. But the fact is that drugs are not safe and that they ruin lives. Only a week passes without a new drug death appearing in the news.
Some might say that a drug-free campus is unrealistic. And certainly, you probably can not prevent everyone from taking them. Nor can you prevent people from experimenting. But making young people aware that drugs are not only dangerous but illegal can only be a good thing. And making it harder for people to access drugs after signing a contract will force them to make a conscious decision to break that contract. let them think twice. All I can say is bravo to Sir Anthony. Oh man, stop it
A writer named Kamin Mohammadi had this week's Instagram rant about 'manspreading & # 39 ;. And yes, I know this is happening. But I think we need to be better at kindly asking people to just stop it.
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Forget about sex. I think it comes to respect: it is just shamelessly cruel to penetrate someone else's room and the answer is, in my opinion, to call out the person. If someone's arm is resting on my arm on a train or plane, I ask them – in the best possible way – to move it.
Let us not be ashamed if it's someone's legs.
My personal beast is backpacks. I called a man to keep him on a busy Tube train this week and he was really apologetic.
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