The match between Trump and Obama marks the end of the campaign

Donald Trump has appropriated the medium-term election campaign. It has limited election issues to one: immigration. And the media attention has even monopolized the day. Faced with its ubiquitous and overwhelming presence, Democrats Barack Obama have found the ideal counterweight for the US President. Both men searched until the last day for the voters of their respective parties in a marathon of gatherings throughout the country. His crash duel was the culmination of a hard, divided and frenetic electoral battle that will be solved today in the polls.

Americans are called to elect their representatives in the Congress of the United States and their legislative chambers, their governors, their judges, their sheriffs and other public offices. But these elections will be mainly by tradition and by a decision by Trump, a plebiscite for the two years of the Republican magnate's presidency.

"The character of this country is on the map: who we are and how we treat others is in the mood", said Obama yesterday in one of the offices of the Democratic Party in Virginia. The forerunner of Trump, who now speaks in language without hair after a year and a half of political silence, assured a group of young volunteers that these parliamentary elections are "perhaps the most important" of their lives. Even, he explained, they are more important than when he first appeared in 2008, in a full economic recession, ten years ago.

Hope against fear

Obama was hopeful about the results. Democrats aim to regain control of the lower house and raise their 16 presidents to 24. "I see a great awakening, people know that it is not self-evident to make progress and we have to fight to keep them", he with a voice that was supported by the many meetings of the weekend in Indiana, Illinois, Florida and Georgia.

In these speeches, Obama accused the Republican candidates – and in a veiled manner, Trump – to address the fear of immigration. "Suddenly they tell us that this is the most important threat to our country […] They are a group of poor immigrants and no shoes, refugees thousands of miles away, "he said, and he shouted that the president used the army of the country to send soldiers to the border for" the caravan of immigrants & # 39; – located in Mexico in the direction of the United States.

Trump, a few hours after Obama's speech in Virginia, returned to the economic message at a meeting in Ohio, as Republican leaders have asked. He did that after he had warned over and over again in the past few days for a & # 39; invasion & # 39; immigrants and accused the democrats of wanting open borders. The American president said, like Obama, that today's elections are "very important". "If the Democrats win, they will be charged with the economic boom that the country is going through," he confirmed to hundreds of followers in Cleveland. The Democratic agenda is a socialist nightmare. The Republican, on the other hand, is the American dream.

For Trump, Obama weakened the economy, forgot industrial jobs and damaged national security. "No government has done what we have done over the past two years," he said in applause and asked Republicans to vote to keep their performance. The White House tenant boasted of 3.4 million jobs created since the beginning of his presidency and unemployment in the lowest 50 years.

During his meetings, Obama called on the Americans to ask when "they started talking about the economic boom". The former US president said his government had to clean up the economic mess of the Great Recession in 2008, made by the Republicans, with "tax cuts for the rich and the" deregulation "of various economic sectors, such as the financial one.

Trump, who held two more meetings yesterday in Missouri and Indiana, believes the Republicans will have a good result: "There is an enthusiasm that people have not seen since 2016." The last polls, however, gave a defeat of the Republicans to the House of Representatives, although they could improve their majority in the Senate.

Great participation

What is certain is that participation in these midterm elections will be one of the highest in recent years. Some experts, even before the good voice data, believe that this could be the highest figure since 1966 – that was 49% -. At the last elections of 2010 and 2014, participation was 41% and 37% respectively, 20 points lower than the average of the presidential elections.

In principle, good participation is good news for the Democrats. Minorities and young people, who usually opt for their candidates, have been considerably more mobilized than in previous years. But they are also the Republicans thanks to the good progress of the American economy, the ratification of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the anti-immigration measures of the President. Therefore, the results will remain uncertain until the counting of today's votes. When we finally know what the judgment of America is in the Trump government.