The No. 2 Justice reportedly evoked a possible sidelining of Trump

The No. 2 Justice, Rod Rosenstein, with Donald Trump, May 23, 2018. – S.LOEB / AFP

After these revelations, an influential Republican senator called for a congressional inquiry into a possible "attempted coup d'état". The number 2 of the US Department of Justice discussed in 2017 the possibility of removing Donald Trump from power by relying on a provision of the Constitution, confirmed a former senior FBI official in an interview broadcast Sunday.

Andrew McCabe, who took over as head of the federal police after Donald Trump's sacking of James Comey in May 2017, said on CBS channel that Deputy Minister of Justice Rod Rosenstein "was, at that moment there, very worried about the president, his capacity, his intentions. Andrew McCabe added that he himself was "very worried" about the future of the delicate investigation into suspicions of collusion between Moscow and Donald Trump's campaign team in 2016.

The amendment authorizing to declare the president "unfit"

In this context, there was "discussion of the 25th amendment" of the Constitution, which allows the vice president and a majority of the cabinet to declare the president "unfit" to perform his duties, continued Andrew McCabe. Rod Rosenstein, who oversaw the Russian investigation, "just raised this point and discussed it with me, wondering how many cabinet members would be able to support such an effort," he said.

It was "counting the votes, the possible votes," added Andrew McCabe, fired by the FBI in March 2018, officially for organizing leaks in the press. In September, several media reported on these discussions, but this is the first confirmation by one of the participants. Rod Rosenstein had denied that he wanted to dismiss the president. His services had suggested that a joke might have been misunderstood.

On Thursday, during the first excerpts of this interview, President Trump counter-attacked on Twitter: "The disgraced interim FBI leader, Andrew McCabe, claims to be a" poor little angel "while he played a great role in (…) the Russian hoax ". On Sunday, one of his relatives, Republican Lindsey Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, promised to use Congressional investigative powers to know "who is telling the truth".

"We are going to find out what happened and the only way is to summon people to testify under oath," he said on CBS, calling into question the words of Andrew McCabe, accused of have had "political ulterior motives".