The opposition accuses Gérard Collomb of dragging his feet

Gérard Collomb on September 20, 2018, in Seine-Saint-Denis. – NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

  • On Monday, the opposition attacked the mayor of Lyon, whom she accuses of dragging her feet in the organization of the Great National Debate.
  • The latter replied that he will organize a large meeting after consulting the borough councils.
  • He asks them to launch the debates themselves.

Opposition to the mayor of Lyon accused Gérard Collomb on Monday, not to want to organize
a big debate in his city, judging that its local implementation was "not up to the expectations" of the inhabitants.

"Why did you stay so shy, Mayor? You have the method but not, obviously, the political will, or so little. I did not hear that there would be a physical debate organized by the city of Lyon, "launched the centrist mayor of the 2nd district, Denis Broliquier.

"We expected a little more," added the president of the LR group, Stéphane Guilland, for whom the announcements of the municipal executive are "not up to the expectations of our fellow citizens."

"We can not do anything"

Jérôme Maleski, the delegate councilor for local democracy and civic participation, had previously announced the availability of notebooks of grievances, digital tools and municipal halls for the big debate, the opposition criticizing the obligation to provide insurance and ensure the safety of the premises. "The city of Lyon will take all its part to organize this debate" but "we can not do anything," he retorted.

"The borough mayors can organize debates if they want, I think there will be in each; Then, the central city hall will be able to organize a big meeting with the inhabitants to draw a certain number of consequences ", continued Gérard Collomb.

"As far as I am concerned, it has been some time since I made a number of remarks about what seemed to be difficult in our country," added the former interior minister, who had resigned from the government with in the autumn, to become mayor of Lyon again.

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